« Komma » by Martine Doyen

Peter de Wit, 50, wakes up in the middle of the night in the cold room of a morgue.
He doesn’t even bother trying to understand how he ended there. He doesn’t want to know.
He steals the wallet of one of the corpses, and decides to invent himself a new life, as Lars Erickson, a Swedish businessman.
While wandering in Brussels one night, he runs into a young woman, an artist who has visibly lost her memory.
He tells her he is her ex-boyfriend, takes her back to her place, and all of a sudden in the middle of the night, decides to take her on a trip to Neuschwanstein Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Bavaria

Réalisation Martine Doyen
Scénario Martine Doyen et Valérie Lemaitre
Musique : Jeff Mercelis
Musiques additionnelles :Gouda jeune, Quiet Stars et Jeff Mercelis Your Love Is Like a Crown, Franki Verschueren et Jeff Mercelis
Fur Ludwig, Rémi Mercelis

Watch out the teasers:

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Image de prévisualisation YouTube


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