Recover shelter





Designer: Matthew Malone

I’d wager if chronic disaster survivors had a choice of where to lodge, they’d choose what’s actually called the Recover Shelter. With several components that make it eco-friendly, cheap to produce, easy to transport, reconfigurable, and adaptable to multiple environments, Matthew Malone’s design has great potential for emergency situations and beyond…

Designed for disaster relief, the Recover Shelter can house a family of four for a month. It can be set up by one person in minutes, collapsed into either of two configurations for transportation (horse-shoe shape or flat), and is made of 100% polypropylene.

The polypropylene makes the Recover Shelter 100% recyclable, the ridges can collect drinking water, and the structure can be covered in local materials for better insulation.

A wonderful giant accordion house to for those who are disaster ridden, or a super-hip tent for the super-hip green hipster-camper.

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  1. 0 saint Jacques 5 oct 2008 à 13:32

    merci aa toi pour les illustrations :)

  2. 1 saint Jacques 5 oct 2008 à 13:35

    je te remercie piour ces images ! :)

  3. 2 saint Jacques 5 oct 2008 à 13:39

    cool, merci a tçi pour les pics :)

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