Does my butt look big in this ?



Designer: Hemlock Design

As a child, going to the fair was a blast! My favorite part was walking through the funhouse trying to get out in one piece. The most hysterical part of the funhouse was the mirrors, which morphed our bodies in a variety of shapes and sizes causing outbursts of laughter and enjoyment. Hemlock Design Firm has re-created this classic mirror design, with their Funhouse Mirrors. Hemlocks mirrors which are handcrafted by artist John Balough, are more sophisticated and stylish and are much more pleasing to the eye and body. Available in standard, mini, toy and a larger custom design, Funhouse Mirrors add modern geometric style to both residential and commercial interiors alike.

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  1. 0 booguie 1 déc 2008 à 16:32

    effet miroir, pas mal
    juste un coucou en passant
    à plus bonne semaine

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