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Something you can only do with a pet

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Ministre flamand

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Hitch a free ride





Designer: Robert Nightingale

A belt with three GIANT suction cups for you to hitch onto anything. That’s exactly what the Hitch concept is by designer Robert Nightingale. He believes in a free world where opportunistic travelers just latch themselves onto moving vehicles. The triple load vacuum suction cups are strong enough to keep you from flying off. As the designer puts it. . .

For best results position yourself at traffic lights, railway stations or air hangers. Subtly wait for the opportune moment (which is precisely 7 seconds before the initial point of acceleration) and attach the product as firmly as possible to the host vehicle (a brief run up usually does the trick), paying attention to ground clearance for ones feet and enjoy the ride…

Pea speaker



Designer: Lu Le

The Pea Speaker system is bound to be costly, incurring damages from being tossed around, but that’s what designer Lu Le wants – a playful way to share music. Each pod holds 7 wireless bluetooth speakers. Only one possesses the one ring to rule them all because it controls global volume. Each sphere is powered by a lithium ion rechargeable via induction when placed in the pod. The system doesn’t do surround sound since it can’t separate channels, but it’s a good way to fill a large area with a mixed stereo track. Snazzy!

Recover shelter





Designer: Matthew Malone

I’d wager if chronic disaster survivors had a choice of where to lodge, they’d choose what’s actually called the Recover Shelter. With several components that make it eco-friendly, cheap to produce, easy to transport, reconfigurable, and adaptable to multiple environments, Matthew Malone’s design has great potential for emergency situations and beyond…

Designed for disaster relief, the Recover Shelter can house a family of four for a month. It can be set up by one person in minutes, collapsed into either of two configurations for transportation (horse-shoe shape or flat), and is made of 100% polypropylene.

The polypropylene makes the Recover Shelter 100% recyclable, the ridges can collect drinking water, and the structure can be covered in local materials for better insulation.

A wonderful giant accordion house to for those who are disaster ridden, or a super-hip tent for the super-hip green hipster-camper.

« Ken lee » Bulgarian Music Idol

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Conceptual Ear Buds for Philips




Designer: Yoonsang Kim

Actually the unique shape serves several purposes. It fits snug in your ear, easily loops together around your neck when not in use, and somehow prevents bacterial growth which is 700 times more concentrated in regular ear buds. If it weren’t just a concept, would you buy one?

Taekwondo referee attacked in Beijing 08

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Silent Alarm Clock




Designer: Johan Brengesjo

Alarm clocks usually jolt us awake leading us to reach for the almighty snooze button. Silence is a conceptual alarm clock that allows you to program multiple alarms and wakes you without any sound. Each person wears a wireless rubber ring with an integrated vibration device that generates a tactile alarm. The snooze function is engaged by shaking your hand. However, each successive time you want to snooze, more movement is required, making sure you get to work on time.

Stick your dongle in this asterisk



Designer: Joel Escalona

USB hubs come in all shapes and sizes, so why not one of the most ubiquitous shapes in typography? The asterisk’s name is derived from the Latin for Star and this design is certainly the star of the USB lot. Designed by Joel Escalona, the “Asterisco Hub” is like the perfect party, one male to four females connections. Sharpen the edges and you also have a handy cubicle defense system worthy of Mortal Kombat inspired late night tantrums at the office.


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