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« Le beau sexe des hommes » de Florence EHNUEL


«  Très longtemps je me suis demandé pourquoi j’aimais les hommes puisque seul le corps féminin me semblait digne d’être trouvé beau. Certains d’entre eux m’attiraient, surtout par leur visage, par leur allure, par leur conversation ou les hommages qu’ils me rendaient, mais aucun ne parvenait à bousculer mon préjugé: je restais convaincue que seul le désir pour un corps de femme peut véritablement se justifier. Or, vers l’âge de trente-cinq ans, les circonstances ont libéré en moi un nouvel appétit pour les rencontres amoureuses et la sexualité. J’ai soudain découvert l’envie de tourner plus résolument mon regard vers le corps masculin. Alors un éblouissement m’a envahie qui ne s’est pas éteint et que je souhaite mettre tout mon soin à cultiver. Un éblouissement qui est devenu un des bonheurs de ma vie. [...] De cet émerveillement, de son retard, de son installation progressive, et de sa légitimité, je voudrais témoigner dans ce livre. « 

Un essai personnel qui associe le témoignage et la réflexion philosophique sur la sexualité féminine et qui, sans effet spectaculaire ni provocation, amène le lecteur à réfléchir sur le rapport des femmes au corps et au sexe masculin, la place du regard, du fantasme et de la fidélité.

Normalienne et agrégée de philosophie, Florence Enhuel est professeur à Bordeaux. En 2004, elle a publié L’Amour conjugué aux éditions de La Martinière pour lequel elle a reçu le prix de l’essai de morale de l’Académie française. Le Beau Sexe de l’homme est son deuxième essai.

« Le beau sexe des hommes » de Florence Ehnuel (Seuil , 126 pages)

Table side cooking for Electrolux






Design: Chris Fox

The Electrolux concept by Chris Fox is an adaptable cooking grill(s) designed to function as the centerpiece at your next dinner party. Modular plates can connect to form patterns and provide an interactive dining experience by encouraging guests to cook for themselves. Each has its own heating coil powered from a single cord by daisy-chaining them together.

Clean up is a cinch. Just remove the ceramic surfaces and rinse. They also store up nicely in an included cradle.

SHAMEBOY « Heartcore »

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Nahamer T450: The first environmentally sustainable toaster.





Designer: Rob Penny

It is 20% faster and uses half the energy of a standard 900W toaster by having close-proximity low-temperature heating elements. If only one slice of bread it inserted then only one side of the toaster is turned on. It is also designed to be repaired if broken and disassembled at the end of its useful life. The window allows you to monitor the brownness of your toast and the Toast Drop system slides your toast straight onto a plate, ready to be eaten. It also features intuitive browning controls and turns on automatically when the front is closed.





You may have seen the Sorapot mentioned in other publications some time ago. Its architectural shape and simple functionality brings tea’s quiet beauty into sharp focus. Made from 304 stainless steel, borosilicate glass (Pyrex), and food-grade silicone, it articulates the ritual of tea making in a thoroughly modern way.

A new mirrored finish is available for purchase. With reflectivity that rivals chrome, this finish is achieved only through intense hand-polishing. No artificial surface treatments touch the stainless steel. These striking Sorapots come alive with dark teas and natural light.

We’re excited to soon review the Sorapot so keep your eyes open!

Designer: Joey Roth [ Product Page ]

Herb & Spice dish drying rack



Designer: Ran Shnaper

Water is resource that needs to be conserved and recycled. Thus far, dish drying racks have been wasteful devices since perfectly good water drains into the sink. However, this Herb & Spice Dish Drying Rack, inspired by the design of traditional channel irrigation systems, directs the run-off water to a section in which herbs or spices, such as mint, lemon verbena or thyme, can be grown. Oh and the dish dividers kinda look like trees too. Just thought I’d throw that tidbit in.




Designer: Sherwood Forlee

Designer Sherwood Forlee (love the name) has a sense a humor for stating the obvious. A speaker is a device that converts electrical energy into sound waves. It’s also someone who expresses in language. So if you combine those two definitions together to form some sort of iconic gesture to retain both aspects, you get the Speak-er. As Sherwood puts it, putting the “speak” in speakers.

VAKA Versatile Home Lighting





Designer: Ian Bach

There is nothing I love more than to see a design that is super practical, super stylish and one that I would love to have at my home. A cross between a tree and a lamp-post with glowing orbs, Vaka will be the life or “LIGHT” of the party. No matter what mood you are in – chillin’ out listening to some tunes, romantic evening with your special someone, or a bass thumping party, Vaka will be your perfect companion. The lights can be twisted off and placed anywhere you might need more light, and once they go out, you can twist them back on to the post for a full recharge. The coolest part? The bulbs are made out of silicon, and can be squeezed to turn them off or on or twisted to make the light more dim or brighter. Awesome concept from designer Ian Bach. I never knew light could be so much fun.

Touch Free Service





Designer: Carlo Casagrande

Efficiency and cleanliness are what’s on order with this serving tray design by Carlo Casagrande. His “Vassoio Monetti” design is about as minimal and effective a tool as it gets. Capable of holding most European sized demitasse and champagne flutes, this elegant serving tray even allows for touch free delivery of your precious liquids. No more, “waiter, your finger is in my coffee…” moments.

Night Watch in Shanghai






Designer: WOKmedia [ Via: DesignBoom ]

Shanghai nights are going to get a little more interesting with this “Night Watch” art installation in Jubilee Park. Commisioned by Canary warf, Wokmedia together with lighting designer Admir Jukanovic/Mindseye employed the ancient Chinese art of inside painting where an image is reverse-painted through a small opening of a hollowed crystal ball. This technique creates a stunning variety of animal eyes into 200 crystal balls, which will be placed throughout the park, among the bushes and trees. When night falls a secret life unfolds and the animal eyes act as metaphors: “a questioning gaze towards our secured and controlled environments with little space left undeveloped.” I would not recommend doing any sort of hellucenigeutic drugs during the dates of June 26-28.


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