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The Whale vase




Designer: Alessandro Bêda [ Via: Mocoloco ]

This whale Vase is so simple, so elegant, so perfectly executed. It comes in two pieces you strategically place on any surface, as if the whale is breaking tide. Designer Alessandro Beda is currently looking for a way to mass produce and we couldn’t be more happier with the idea!

« Pilo-Pilo » Mini cushion ring




Designer: Sae Shigeto & Ming Lo [ Via: Core77 ]

Pilo Pilo ring is a finger ring with a mini cushion attached to it, designed to be both stylish and useful. I myself know I leave all kinds strange marks on my face as I ponder the genius bestowed upon me. I’m not really a ring wearer but I’ve had more impressions of my wrist watch than I care to admit. A cushion on a ring? Hey, I’ve seen stranger and this concept actually makes sense to me.

Fessebook t-shirts, polos, tops, etc…



Si vous allez sur le site, ou encore, voire même, vous trouverez la collection des t-shirts « Fessebook® Everywear ».
Tous les t-shirts sont conçus dans des marques de qualité et les prix sont extrêmement intéressants.
Comptez entre 15 et 20 EUR pour les t-shirts sérigraphiés et 30 EUR pour des polos Hanes.

Art in detail






Designer: Odoardo Fioravanti Design Studio [ Product Page ] [ Via: Elmanco ]

Here is a great way to look like a total art snob. Just whip this bad boy out at your next museum outing and really impress Thurston Howell III and the Monopoly Man. It’s the “ZoomArt” magnifying lens for art lovers by Odoardo Fioravanti Design Studio. This handy high quality optical lens has a 6x magnification and zooms at the twist of a wrist. Next time you feel the need to test whether Seurat knew a lot about dots, you are covered.

Pun tiles to make you smile








Designer: Stefano Pirovano [ Via: Trendir ]

Tiles have been a common medium for expression for thousands of years. From Picasso’s baboon tile that I had the privilege to briefly posses to roman mosaics, tile art is wonderful way to express your unwavering and permanent devotion to the visual arts. Pun Collection Tiles by Stefano Pirovano for Ascot Ceramiche is a new/old way to commit to any message you want to get across. I would consider spelling out something a little more abstract to confuse people as they leave the room, eg. “See reverse for other side…”.

For Serial Pop drinkers only



Designer: Jinhong Lin

Hey kids, are you a serial pop drinker? Sure recycling is good but lets say for some oddball reason you collect bottles. As long as the neck is a standard size, and you collect 16 of them, you can make yourself a little stool or table. Chairs & Toys is really for children but I know a few adults that would try and pass this off next to their Herman Miller furniture.

The Octocube






Designer: Vivien Muller

On first sight, the Octocube is all smoke and mirrors. You could spend quite a while trying to figure out what it is or does. Go on. See if you can figure it out. If you can’t work it out from the pictures alone then how about the name. Octocube. Any help? The sharper eye will observe the 2 cables/pipes at the rear so surely it does something right? Designer Vivien Muller has created this little mystery for your Thursday morning enjoyment. Give up? Entirely created from a single 90 degree elbow, the Octocube builds up into a radiant heater with a large surface area, and the inherent flexibility and modularity of the elbow. It is designed to be a sculptural heater that fits in with any interior.

CandLED Lamp


Designer: Christine Birkhoven

Everything old is new again, or so it goes with this latest novelty lamp design called “Good Night Eileen” by Christine Birkhoven. Mixing old uses with new technologies, this lamp design is intended for people who clearly posses the modern convenience of light switches and electricity, but prefer to walk around with their light source in hand, for those moments investigating that creepy breathing noise coming out of your attic or basement. Pull the lamp from its base and the light comes on, set it back down and it fades to black. Using energy efficient LED lights with electricity transferred between the lamp and its ceramic base via magnetic induction, this design is clean, modern and old school fun. Good morrow to you my brethren.

Tea would be lovely (Design part)




Designer: Jieun Yang & Hanah Suh

I absolutely love tea and anyone who knows me knows I avidly collect satchels from all over the world. Like coffee, a good cup of tea is all in the brewing and steeping. Steep it too long and it tastes bitter; too short and you’re drinking muddy hot water. TeaCubes make it easy by placing the tea bag on a timed retractable spool. Hands free and a good cup of tea. What more could a tea lover ask for!



Designer: Ki-Seung Lee

Want to give your lap that extra little lift without resorting to Viagra? Now the perfect angle you are looking for is just a few pumps away. The “Airboard” pump action laptop surface by designer Ki-Seung Lee is intended to adjust your laps productive area to best fit whatever activity you are engaged in. Whether it be reading, writing/drawing or surfing the web for more lap puns, Airboard has your pelvic area covered. With a convenient built in pump, you may want to watch when and where you decide to make an “adjustment.”


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